I was born in Edmonton, to a preexisting family of four. Following a few miscarriages, my mother managed to carry me to term: sort of. I came out 3 months or so early, weighing just 2 lbs 14 ounces and filled with a fighting spirit. 

Growing up, I watched my Dad come home from work everyday, sit down and the computer and write his book. I thought that's what people did— so I decided then that one day, I too, would do the same. I was also going to be a pilot and a marine biologist, but I digress. 

The writing piece brought epic amounts of worry  and attempts at redirection from my mother, because she'd seen my dad try and make it in this cruel, cruel world of publishing. 

But lo and behold, I had that fighting spirit and a fierce determination until life threw a wrench in my plans and I became a young mother, at which point, things weren't about me anymore. 


To everyone's (even my own) surprise, I turned out to be pretty good at the mom thing. I became a hairstylist and a mom and that was my normal, until tragedy struck. My mother, my best friend, my confidant, died. I was reeling. 

The shock of losing a parent, especially when you're too young to lose one, makes you aware of your own mortality. That time is not promised to us, and that tomorrow is never certain. Life is too short to do things you want to do, "some day." I realized that I needed to make someday, today. 

That was 15 years ago, and in that time, I have been a mom, an employee, a student and a writer, all at once, striving toward my goal of having a published book that I could pick up and hold. May 7, 2019 of this year was the day that dream came true. 


It's been the most gruelling, difficult, crazy and beautiful journey. Never give up on your dreams or yourself.