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Book Review: Just For Clicks

Finished Kara McDowell’s JUST FOR CLICKS today. My biggest regret was that I didn’t save this gem for vacation next week.

In Just For Clicks, we meet twins Claire and Poppy who are the subjects of their mother’s blog/vlog/Instagram empire. Poppy is a natural and twin Claire, who is also our narrator, is not. She’d rather spend her days behind the computer screen instead of on it which creates tension between the sisters. Claire meets Rafael, a boy who is as removed from technological advances as possible and an interesting relationship forms that seems to push Claire to speak up for what she believes in. I won’t give too much because of spoilers, but there are a couple twists and turns that make you pause, blink and think, did that just happen?

A solid five star read and if you’re going holidaying soon, pack this one up for your beach bag! You won’t regret it! A final moment to say this: the formatting of the book is amazing! I love the inserts of text messages, and Instagram comments and emails. It made the experience feel a lot more authentic and I read the last page of this book smiling, feeling great and truly satisfied!

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