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Book Review: We Rule The Night

Where do I even begin? I had this book for a while before I could actually start it because —life. Well, it’s a good thing I waited. If I hadn’t life probably would have been completely and utterly ignored in favor of Revna’s and Linné’s world because I couldn’t stop.

Claire Bartlett’s debut is filled with an immersive world, a badass and exceptionally cool magic system and two unlikely heroes who find strength in each other despite a rocky start.

WE RULE THE NIGHT tells the story of Revna, a factory worker with living metal prosthetic legs and a skill for using weave magic, and Linne, a general’s daughter—who has just been busted dressing as a boy in order to serve in the military, and who carries a torch— not to mention her literal spark that powers living metal.

The two are placed in a special military division of all female pilots, who are determined to make their outdated living machine planes work, get along with each other and prove to the world that are just as good as the army’s men.

Revna, the pilot, and Linné the navigator. Both are connected to the living metal plane yet both have such different motivations, energy and goals —the pairing makes for a tumultuous beginning to say the least.

I don’t often read standing up, but there were several times where I had to read and pace because something so intense was happening on the page and I could not sit still. The book left me wanting to go shout about my girl power from the rooftops. It’s an epic story of resilience, determination, and most of all friendship. HIGHLY recommend this book for fantasy fans or anyone who is looking for a book with empowering female role models.

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