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The Babe with the Power

So we're a month into the New Year and I can already tell 2018 is going to be something incredible. I feel shifts and changes inside myself at a cellular and spiritual level. Why?

Because I've recently learned the art of meditation. I know, I know, it's easy to be all psssh, meditation is Hocus Pocus and not real or who has time for that? But it's not, and I do, you do, anyone who wants to make time for it will. Meditation has been used for centuries, in religion and culture vastly different from one another. Why is that? Because it will change you.

That's a big statement to deliver on, I realize, but the more responsibilities, expectations and stresses that come into my life, the more I need an outlet for them. I need to let go of mistakes from the past, I need to be mindful and live in the present. Sounds like a dream, right?

It's not. And it costs me just 30 minutes a day. The time I use to take a shower or cook a meal. The time I waste watching countless hours of television or staring at my phone. 30 minutes. And even better... it's free. All you need is yourself, a quiet space and calming music. If you prefer just search "guided meditation" on YouTube and you'll have hundreds to choose from.

Thoughts are sneaky little buggers that wander a lot of the time to it takes a while to train the mind to have control over them, but it's proving (for me anyway) to be well worth the effort. I feel better, I'm sleeping better, I feel... lighter... and I can't wait to see how much more I can learn through this ancient practice.

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